Does Leanness Lifestyle Work?

by Melissa Evans
Introduction: This is an honest review of the Leanness Lifestyle nutrition program and my opinion on it. Just to be clear, this is my opinion, and it’s completely unofficial. This website is not endorsed by nor affiliated with David Greenwalt or the actual Leanness Lifestyle company. I just want to share my Leanness Lifestyle diet review and help educate those of you still wondering what exactly the Leanness Lifestyle is and if it works.

Leanness Lifestyle University

What Is Leanness Lifestyle?

I think of it as my complete system for living a healthy and fit lifestyle inside of a body that I take care of and am proud to have. It’s not a diet, it is a complete system where you will receive counseling on living a nutritionally fit and emotionally fit lifestyle. Inside of the club, they call it a lifestyle, not a diet because it teaches a way to eat and exercise that is realistic and that you can maintain for the rest of your life.
Best of all, it’s not just a book. In addition to the book, there is an online community like no other who will support you and encourage you as you finally learn why you have been unable to live at a healthy weight prior to this and how to finally get fit and live healthy.

Who created it?

David Greenwalt a Certified Wellness Coach and a heck of a nice guy. He was overweight himself and has lived healthy and fit for years. He founded Leanness Lifestyle in 1999 and his members swear by the system that he has created through working personally with thousands of what he calls “weight fighters” and through thousands of hours of research. David stays on top of research, freeing you up to spend your time cooking healthy foods and moving your body!

David Greenwalt, Founder of The Leanness Lifestyle Nutrition and Exercise System

David Greenwalt, Founder of The Leanness Lifestyle

“Before I authored “The Leanness Lifestyle” and created LL University I was out of shape so I know what it’s like to look in the mirror in disgust and wish it were different. The before and after pictures you see of me here are real.”

In order to be successful at achieving your weight loss goals, you will need to surround yourself with other positive successful healthy people. You may or may not have a healthy support system at home. This is where the online community shines.

Besides David, there is a team of senior members who have been “living lean” and who will be there to encourage you and check on you to keep you accountable (only if you ask them to). You can reach out to like minded people when you are struggling and they will understand where you are coming from. This support system makes all the difference. When your family does not understand why you don’t want to “just have a bite” of that chocolate cake or why you can’t just have more “will power”, Leanness Lifestyle members will not only understand but help you to realize that you are not a failure or broken. They will help you to get past these obstacles.

There are many nights that I have messaged other members in the program and it has kept me from eating foods that will only make me sorry later.

Is It Easy to Follow? Am I going to starve? Do I have to eat like a rabbit?

Yes it is easy to follow because everything is outlined for you online. At first you will keep track of what you are eating and this will be a real eye opener to you. You can enter everything that you eat online, and enter a weight loss goal. You will be given a five week plan with daily caloric guidelines from which you can build a nutrition plan that YOU can live with. The idea is for it to be livable, yet effective.

You will not starve. In fact, there may be days when you are too full to get in all of your calories. The trick is that you will be eating the RIGHT foods which are nutritionally dense. Hunger cravings will disappear and you will have more energy and an elevated mood pretty quickly.

David Greenwalt will make weight loss straightforward and simple for you where other programs have been confusing and haven’t worked. That’s the thing about Leanness Lifestyle. IT JUST WORKS.

What should I expect?

* Increased energy
* Fat loss
* Mental clarity
* More self-confidence
* A smoking hot body if you are willing to do the work!

It sounds incredible but really, that’s simply how your body reacts to a better diet lifestyle !

Who should not join the Leanness Lifestyle?

If you would rather follow every fad diet, spin your wheels and spend tons of money on gadgets and the latest magic bullet, then Leanness Lifestyle is not for you.
If you don’t want to work hard but you want results and are burying your head in the sand that you can eat whatever you want, sit on the couch and lose weight, then this isn’t for you.

If you want to eat fake foods that have no nutritional value and expect to feel and look good, then this isn’t for you.

If you don’t want to face the simple truth that you are what you eat, then this isn’t for you.

That’s not who you are is it?


What’s the price?
Lifestyle 101 is the entry level program. It is The entry level program is called Lifestyle 101. It’s $97 for a lifetime membership to be a part of the community and to begin using the system and reach your goals.

Lifestyle 180 is an intermediate program. It is a 20 week intensive online ‘boot camp’ type program where you will receive individual assistance from a team of coaches including David Greenwalt. It is $97 down then $97 per month for this program. It only happens once a year and in 20 weeks most members have turned their life completely around, losing up to 70 lbs in 20 weeks!

There is also a one on one coaching program with David for those who want to personally work with him daily and have weekly phone consults. The cost is $500 per month and it pretty much guarantees success. You don’t have to do this program, Lifestyle 101 works great, and the intensity of Lifestyle 180 is enough for most people to get the job done. But for those who want one on one coaching, it is available.

What are some of the foods that I can eat?

You can eat pretty much any FOOD that you want. The key is that it has to be a real food, not what Lifestylers call “frankenfoods” which are fake foods filled with all kinds of man made chemicals.

Here are some of the foods that I eat every week:

Sweet Potatoes
Eggs and egg whites
Protein Powder
Green smoothies
Green salads
Green Beans
Beans and Legumes
Lots of water
Your plan may be different (read below)

Can I still eat ice cream and pizza?

The answer is … it depends. You will be able to have treat meals and some people will be eating pizza and ice cream, brownies etc for their treats. While others will find that having those foods makes cravings worse and start binging.

Can you plan to have 2 slices of pizza each Friday and wake up Saturday and eat healthy again? Fine. Good for you, go ahead.

Through trial and error you will decide what foods work for you and what foods don’t work for you. Only you can decide. In LL they say “We do what works” and that is an individual thing.

Where can I find out more? Go to

5 thoughts on “Does Leanness Lifestyle Work?

  1. This is very helpful thank you. I was looking at this program and just not sure. After reading this I think that I will take the plunge. To health and fitness!

  2. I joined LLU in February of 2013 with an ultimate goal of wanting to lose 51 pounds. Based on my consideration of other programs, I figured LLU would be an absolute success for me if I could lose 25 pounds in 20 weeks. I lost over 42 and I still managed my career and family life. Yeah, I had to clean out my closet twice (so far) but it was SO worth it.

    This program is so much more than just a weight loss program. You will have so many tools in your toolbox and one of the best is the student lounge where you will meet the biggest hearted, most supportive people you could ever imagine. I’m writing here because I feel that if I can help convince even one person to make this positive change in their life, it was worth it. When you feel this good, you want the world to feel it too. :-)

    • Charlene I’ve been watching your transformation this year in amazement. I have lost over 32 lbs myself and seeing you working hard each day was a motivator for me.

      The best part of this program for me has also been the people. I have made online friends from all over the world who are the type of people I want to be around. Positive, goal oriented people.

  3. I joined LL180 back in Feb 2013 because I wanted a higher level of accountability to help me with losing weight. I got way more than that. Dave taught me so much about nutrition and exercise. I now have the knowledge I need to actually keep the weight off. That is one of things LLU has, a very high percentage of people who keep the weight off after the L180 course is over.
    All the information that you receive is backed up by evidence based research and the sources are given to you to check out for yourself and you are even encouraged to do research on your own.
    I highly recommend this program, it is worth every penny you spend.

  4. I love Leanness Lifestyle. I joined in Feb 2013 and have lost 46 pounds in 20 weeks. I learned so much from this program about myself and my reasons for eating, what I was really eating , what types of exercise I needed to do to not only lose weight but have a toned and younger looking body. I also love the community of people you get to meet and share the journey with. I felt in good hands and that the program taught me some great lifeskills I can use in otehr areas of my life. Thanks David for your continued research and knowledge sharing.

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